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the attac●k when the lance was thrown aside or brok●en; they had laid themselves down when the cav▓alry charged, to rise when the ho●rsemen passed, and attack them295 shield▓ and sword in hand.Between the fig?/p>

駂ting of the Scots in 1745 and that o●f the Sikhs in 1849 there was no real difference▓ as far as pluck and courage w▓ent.But the spirit of our gallant and stubbor▓n adversaries was not broken ▓yet.Mooltan fe

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ll.They met ▓us again at Gujerat, but the previous encounters● had created in them a feeling of despair.●Hitherto the Sikhs had been the attacking● side when the battle was being ▓formed.Now it was otherwise.T

hey foug●ht on the defensive and were badly▓ beaten; the 9th, 3rd, and 14th Br●itish cavalry Regiments, and the 10t●h, 29th, 60th, and 61st line Regiments sh▓ared in the last fight again▓st the Sikhs, as did


the European Reg●iments of the Bombay and Bengal armies.Th●ough said to be 34,000 men strong, wit▓h an Afghan detachment of 150●0 men and 59 guns, the Sikhs’ army, as such,● ceased to be, and its guns, camp e

quipage, a▓nd baggage became the spoil of the vi▓ctors.“God has given you the v●ictory,” was the despairing cry ●of many a dying Sikh. The loss on the Britis▓h side was small, 29 officers and 671▓ men; a


nd the final result was the ●unconditional surrender of the ene●my, and the annexation of the ▓Punjaub to the Indian Empire of G●reat Britain. Throughout, Gough had pre●ssed his infantry into the fig●ht before the artillery had sufficiently  癜prepared” the position.He was so excit●able under fire, that the stor▓y is told that his staff, knowing his “passio▓n for employing infantry before the▓ guns had done their work, induc▓ed the gallant veteran to mount b●y means of a ladder—the only▓ means of access—to the top s●torey of an isolated building which co▓mmanded a complete view of the ●battlefield.They then quietly removed the lad▓der, and only replaced it when the ar▓tillery had done its work.”63 Nothing▓ of grave military importance oc●curred in India after the defeat of the Sikh▓s and the annexation of the Punjaub i●n 1849, for some years.But sho▓rtly after the close of the Crimean campaign occ▓urred a petty war with Persia, w●hich had inclinations towards a Ru●ssian friendship, if not an allia●nce.A rebellion had broken out in Herat, and● the296 Persians laid siege ▓to it; whereupon Dost Mahomed●,

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